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EnrouteViewMedia delivers user-friendly technologies that enables you to manage and run your own geo-targeted advertising network on taxis. Display customers' advertisements on bright dual-sided LED Taxi tops and/or Interior LCD displays.

Manage all your ads from an easy to use web based platform.

Spend less time managing technology and more time running your advertising business.

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EnRouteViewMedia’s Digital Out of Home (DooH) taxi advertising platform is a subscription based system designed for LED taxi roof top and LCD interior taxi displays. Our geo-targeted advertising management system (DigiStreamView®) is regarded as the next generation of smart wireless taxi advertising technology. We enable fleet owners to display ads on the taxi top display and in taxi tablets based on time and location. The ads will be targeted and only displayed when and where you deem necessary for maximum impact. Our system also provides accurate and usage reporting. We supply both the management software as well as the hardware.


AboutDigiStreamView Platform

What is DigiStreamView?

On-the-Move Digital Advertising

As the taxi roams through your designated metropolitan area, your advertisement is continuously being displayed.

Maximum Impact

Our rooftop taxi display is a dual-sided bright display panel, so your advertisement is displayed on both panels, increasing your advertisement’s exposure.

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Light Bright Constant Exposure

Day or night, your ad will be visible to pedestrians, drivers, and passengers at the right time and the right place on both sides of the roof top display panel.

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Right Height Visibility

For street viewers being roof-mounted and at eye level, the ad’s visibility is optimal. For taxi passengers, you will also deliver your message through a high definition interactive headrest display.

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Taxi- Captives

Taxi passengers are simultaneously exposed to the same ads as those displayed on the rooftop through headrest-mounted display screens.

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On Location & Time

Promotional messages are broadcasted to the right people, in the right place, at the right time for optimal delivery.

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Geo-targeted Advertisement

EnRouteViewMedia has introduced a powerful DigiStreamView® advertising system that enables the business to display its brand, products, or advertising campaigns with geo-time targeting ability in an innovative and attractive digital display fashion.

The intelligent DigiStreamView® system displays the targeted advertisement based on prespecified location, date, time ...

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HowDigiStreamView works?

Uploading and managing your video or still image ads on the LED taxi-top and inside taxi LCD screens is easy as:

Select Ad Zone

Upload Image/Video

Select Time & Date

Approve Ads


Some photos of the different LED screen designs

Demonstration Video


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