EnRouteViewMedia has introduced a powerful DigiStreamView® OOH (out of home) advertising system that enables the business to display its brand, products, or advertising campaign with geo-time targeting ability in an innovative and attractive digital display fashion. The intelligent DigiStreamView® system displays the targeted advertisement based on prespecified location, date, time, and neighbourhood demographics on large full-colour RGB bright digital taxi rooftop dual-sided panels and interior LCD displays. The displays on the taxis travelling around the city are wirelessly connected and can be updated simultaneously or individually in less than a second of sending an update from EnRouteViewMedia’s main computer server. EnRouteViewMedia enables advertisers to deploy location & time based digital advertising on Taxitop LED display and InTaxi tablets. Our intelligent platform is more than just an advertising management system. It allows the following: Advertisers can:

  • Select geographical location of the ads to be displayed
  • Review and manage advertising material
  • Real time and fast uploads of image or video ads (mpeg2, mpeg4, avi, jpg, png)
  • Select the time of the day for the ads to be displayed
  • Schedule an advertising campaign to be run
  • Specify daily spending limits/budget
  • Update your advertising material during the campaign
  • Receive detailed per second based reporting on your ad display
  • Manage your invoices and payments
  • Assign additional users for the account

Fleet Managers or Agencies: In addition to the above functionality for advertisers, a fleet manager or an agency can perform the following

  • Manage/register new taxis and tablets to your fleet as required
  • Review and approve/disapprove client submitted display advertisings
  • Receive detailed payment reports and income per advertiser and generate invoices
  • Receive secure online payments directly to your account through credit cards using various currencies
  • Receive detailed global statistics on display up times and efficiency
  • Manage subscriptions and software licenses
  • Automatically receive the latest software updates and patches

All of the above is managed through a centralized cloud based and high performance server solution hosted by EnRouteViewMedia in Canada. Avoid the headaches of managing server systems and software solutions and instead rely on a dedicated staff of engineers and support staff. Through DigiStreamView-enabled taxitop LED display systems, transform every street corner into an accessible advertising platform, thus enabling ease of brand or service communication with the public anywhere.  In addition, for interested clients, our company provides all-in-one taxi interior advertising where the captive passengers are immersed in ad viewing at the same time that the onlookers view the ads on the taxi rooftop. For more information on EnRouteViewMedia, please contact us via our webpage and send us a message. Alternatively drop us an email on info@enrouteviewmedia.com.