In the lead up to the 2018 Ember Awards, Digital Alberta will be profiling some of the past winners. In this post, we highlight the winner of the 2017 short film / documentary and graphics & animation categories: Sticks & Stones.

“There’s a lot of cool stories in Edmonton of people with unique visions of the sustainable future. The City of Edmonton came to us a couple of years ago because they wanted to profile those people. We really love working with the City, so this was a nice opportunity for us to over-deliver.”

The resulting web series from the Edmonton-based creative agency Sticks & Stones garnered them a 2017 Digital Alberta award for best short film / documentary. A second season has now been commissioned.

“Renewable” is a video and story series that focuses on individual Albertans who are doing their part to help the planet and local economy. It includes profiles of the co-founder of the world’s first green carnival, an advocate for funding community-led sustainable activities (like solar energy collectors and rainwater collection), and a builder of multi-family housing units. Released online in 2017, the short films have already accumulated tens of thousands of views, and have been nominated for several international awards.

“People don’t expect top-shelf content from Edmonton, but that just means you end up making a bigger splash,” says Matthew Satchwill, a designer for Sticks & Stones.

As well as the documentary series, the City of Edmonton also commissioned Sticks & Stones to create two animated public service announcements to run during the 2017 Christmas season. Featuring retired former Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference, the videos remind residents to recycle their holiday waste.

Read more: source by: Meagan Hampel at Digital Alberta