Why convert your Taxi Top to a lean, smashing ad machine and how?

Nowadays, to be a successful business, one simply needs to deliver the business’s promotional message to the public in a fast, creative, and innovative fashion. Businesses are also beginning to demand more interesting means of public exposure.  LED Taxi Top advertising is a growing demand for businesses that are seeking more effective promotional exposure.  

In comparisons between Taxicab Advertising vs. Billboards, mobile billboards have the distinct advantage of being able to go where the consumer goes, unlike stationary billboards. Studies on mobile advertising effectiveness concluded: 91% of the target audience noticed text and graphics on vehicle advertising (source: American Trucking Association and 3M), 96% of viewers say mobile billboards have more impact than static billboards (source: American Trucking Association and 3M). Mobile billboards are twice as effective in driving sales vs. static billboards (source: Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.). Mobile Billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 107% versus a 54% increase for static billboards (source: Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.).

Effectiveness of Outdoor Digital Media Advertising

In general, the brain takes 3-4 visuals to make an impression. Thus, after a week the repetition is of less value. Unlike static taxicab rooftop displays or billboards, the digital ads displayed on taxicabs are dynamic, reaching thousands more ‘fresh’ impressions for a single advertising campaign.

Mobile advertising has turned into a $3.64 billion global industry, because it can provide the most cost-effective exposure for businesses or products. Taxicab advertising is utilized by companies ranging from local restaurants and law firms to entertainment venues and website providers. The airline and automobile industries and advertising giants regularly use taxicab advertising. Most businesses will be viewing mobile (TV-like) taxicab rooftop advertising and indoor taxicab advertising as a revolutionary opportunity for businesses to reach far beyond static taxicab domes or billboards.

A Shifting Trend

For the past year, there is a major shift from traditional to digital taxi top advertising.  Its innovative system is designed to be fully automated to display still advertisements, presentations, text, or video images.  Advertisers will be provided with a daily update on where and when the advertisement was displayed, the duration of time, routes taken by the taxicab, and any relevant information or feedback available.  

The largest taxicab trade association in New York City, has announced a digital taxi top advertising deal (source: by Dave Westburg – billboard inside)

United Airlines launched a digital taxi top marketing last year in New York and won the annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on late June 2018 (source: by Lewis Lazare – Reporter, Chicago Business Journal)

Telstra strikes deal with taxi operator for location-based display ads (source: by Rohan Pearce – Computerworld)

Convert your Taxi Top to increase your monthly revenue by displaying ads.  

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